Cosmic Trigger and Find The Others Conferestival

Saturday 22nd Nov - Sunday 23rd Nov
12:00 am
Cosmic Trigger and Find The Others Conferestival

Presenting the world premiere of Cosmic Trigger – The Play a biography of Robert Anton Wilson by Daisy Eris Campbell plus the Find The Others Conferestival.

With speakers, rituals, music, cabaret and high weirdness it includes

- The writing (and living) of Illuminatus, the cult novel which launched a million conspiracy-freaks; – Stumbling, via LSD and Aleister Crowley onto a 6500-year-old conversation with the planet Sirius; – Dreaming up the formula, with Timothy Leary, of positive human evolution; – Co-conspiring to create the Discordian religion, which worships Eris, the Goddess of Chaos and Confusion; – Tantric sex, musical sing-alongs and mass initiations; – Bob’s fellow Discordian being accused of being “the second Oswald” in JFK’s assassination; – Mind-blowing visual effects, extraordinary musical soundscapes, and proper “Ken Campbell style” acting; – The journey through Chapel Perilous, a dangerous occultist crossing point, from which one either emerges paranoid or agnostic. Tickets on sale from September 23rd. For more information consult your pineal gland or visit
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