Ya Nan’s Big Quiz & Sing-along

Ya Nan is Back

Friday 2nd Feb - Saturday 3rd Feb
6:00 pm - 2:00 am
Ya Nan’s Big Quiz & Sing-along

Ya Nan’s Big Quiz & Singalong

Ya Nan is back! She gave up doing ‘Dry January’ as soon as she was off the antibiotics, but it’s still been a long month, so now she’s ready for another party. Her front room is open for business!

She’s going to defrost some of the left over buffet food and crack open that bottle of Cava that Jim from next door bought her. 

After having so much fun at her Christmas Quiz, this time she returns with her raffles, family fortunes, play your cards right, TV theme tunes, general knowledge questions, Blind Date, bonus rounds, party tricks and even more sing-alongs than last time. We’re talking about those big bangers that will have you up out of your seat, hugging your mates and belting out the words to every line. She’s got confetti canons, giant inflatables, boss prizes, shit prizes and the very best soundtrack this side of the river mersey. 

Get your mates, grab a bevvie, make a team name (prizes for the best) and get ready for a quiz like no other.

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