Ya Nan’s Big Quiz & Singalong


Friday 25th May - Saturday 26th May
6:00 pm - 12:00 am
Ya Nan’s Big Quiz & Singalong


Ya Nan has got her best trackie back on, rollers in, the buffet out and is on her 10th double vodka and orange. 

Get your teams together and battle it out through a test of your musical and general knowledge with bonus rounds galore. Her famous Cash Karaoke, Blind Date, Play Your Cards Right, Big Raffles and epic ‘Up on your feet – hands in the air – top of your voices – loud as you can- hugging your mates – Singalongs’ that only happen when you’re round at Ya Nan’s. 

There’s loads of boss prizes, plenty of sh*t prizes and of course, THE PAT BUTCHER CLOCK is back up for grabs. 

OH, and to top it all off the winning team will win a trip to BLACKPOOL PLEASURE BEACH!!

Tickets always sell out, so be quick, grab your mates, get a ticket and lets have a night filled with singing, dancing, confetti cannons, giant inflatables, great times and a quiz like no other. 

Hosted by Liverpool legend Cath Rice. 

Doors: 6pm 
Last Entry 7.30pm

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