Blade Factory

Legend has it that in this warren of 19th century rooms, the mechanism for world’s first bread slicing machine first originated. 

Whether this fact is true or not is hotly debated, however these days Blade Factory has become the venue’s popular late night offer.

Starkly contrasting the time-worn character of The Furnace or the park-like feel of Camp, ground floor Blade Factory is minimal, white and Warholian – hosting underground club-nights, performances, avant-garde cabaret and live gigs.

First-floor rooms still bear the footprints of machinery long since removed, decades of oil staining the concrete dark grey floor and offsetting white-washed walls.

Given its gritty history these upstairs spaces could feel cold and unloved but with its new sense of purpose and variety of uses including photoshoots, pop-up dinners, music events, conferences and art exhibitions, these rooms at the lower end of the venue are some of the most utilised.