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FRI 12 JULY | 8pm - 1am

The UK’s biggest & best POWER BALLAD club night is back at Camp and Furnace! 

Grab your air guitar, leave your inhibitions at the bar and follow us to the promised land – where pure balladic power will move you to your very core!

Classic after classic, at Ultimate Power we GO HARD or GO HOME! We’re talking – a non-stop celebration and appreciation of colossal musical from the titans of Power Ballads; Phil Collins, Meat Loaf, Bonnie Tyler and Bon Jovi and many, many more!


“Less a club night…more a religious happening” – Guardian
‘We have seen the future of clubbing’ – Vice
”The best night of your life’ really isn’t an overstatement’ – Independent
‘A club night like no other…the ultimate communal karaoke” – Time Out
“Every man loves a power ballad…a full-on ode to the very best” – ShortList

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